A Grimm Night


Hans Christian Andersen

A Play By Sue Gordon

Denmark.  1835.  A book of fairy tales is published.  But this was not just any book of fairy tales. It was the first book by perhaps the greatest story teller the world has ever known.  His name was Hans Anderson...

Well Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm - the Brothers Grimm that is - have something to say about that!

Enjoy the dueling of classic storytellers s they bring their classic characters to life with a comic modern twist.

Will the Ugly Duckling benefit from a makeover?

The Little Mermaid, The Princess (the one with the pea), and The Doll compete for the next great lead.

The Witch is having some troubles with the construction of her new gingerbread house thanks to her building contractor and those wicked children Hansel and Gretel.

The Emperor, Princes Swan and Frog, the Stiltskin family, Rapunzel, a couple of mischievous elves, plus an interesting collection of other characters weave a modern story derived from the fairy tale classics.

Performances for "A Grimm Night for Hans Christian Andersen"

May 30th - Shuswap Lake Estates Hall, Blind Bay - Evening Performance
June 6th - Shuswap Theatre, Salmon Arm - Evening Performance
June 7th - Shuswap Theatre,, Salmon Arm - Matinee Performance

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